Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi I'm 13, i have notice that I have wetting the bed and also in the day my underwear is wet and it isn't my period or discharge. It happens everyday, few times in a day and it just happens and I can't control it then I feel wet and gross. About my bed wetting I never wet the bed as a kid and it just started and it is every night.

Hi Bronte, urinary tract infections along with some other medical conditions like diabetes and constipation can trigger nighttime and daytime wetting in teenagers. If you haven't done so already - it is really important that you discuss this with your parents. I completely understand that this is embarrassing for you - but its important that you recognise this is in no way your fault - with many young girls and women having experienced similar things to this. Urinary tract infections are much more common in young girls and typically result from bacteria in the bladder or in the kidneys. In order to test this properly your doctor will need a urine sample, which will be sent off to pathology for testing. There are other causes to secondary wetting like stress however it is important that you rule out any medical causes first. All the best. Regards, Dr Cathrine