Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

i´ve been wetting the bed in the past 4 months (since my cat died), i´ve visit several doctors and psychiatrits but nothing has happened, I JUST CANT STOP WETTING THE BED, my parents are understanding about it and they take care of my sheets and pajama pants so I dont have to worry about it... but my sister, who is 12 is driving me crazy, she is constantly teasing me about it and I dont know what to do... I considered wearing adult diapers but they are very thick and it looks uncomfortable so i was wondering... can a 16 years old boy wear drynites or goodnites? I am tall but quite skinny (60kg). I just feel some protection will help me feel better about this issue and stop my sister from teasing me. sorry but this pretty embarrassing so i´m ussing a fake email accout,

Dear David, Please accept my apologies for the slight delay in responding over the Christmas and New Year period. Firstly, this is nothing to be embarrassed about – bedwetting is no different to any other stress reaction and should be treated accordingly. I would certainly recommend trying the larger sized DryNites – you can request a free sample off the website to see if they provide a proper fit. Secondary bedwetting is typically the result of stress, which you have alluded to in your question, however it can also be the result of an underlying physical condition so it is important that this has been ruled out first. The loss of someone close to you, like your cat, can be incredibly distressing especially if this is the first significant loss that you have experienced. It is important that you discuss your feelings with your parents, as the more support you receive at this time the better you will feel. If stress is the underlying cause we typically find teenagers stop wetting at night when these feelings are resolved. If your bedwetting does continue I would recommend speaking with a continence specialist who can recommend different treatments to help you to stop. All the best. Regards, Dr Cathrine