Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

He has been daytime toilet tried since he was 3 and has never wet himself.

Hi M. R., as children move toward achieving permanent nighttime continence it is not unusual for them to waiver between experiencing a succession of dry nights and then return to wetting again. The frustrating part of this process is that there seems to be very little consistency or pattern to their wetting, if there was, we would know when or when not to put them in DryNites! The decision of whether or not to wear undies to bed is really up to you and your son. If you find it a challenge dealing with wet sheets or you would prefer not to have your son sleeping in wet sheets during the colder months, then I would keep him in DryNItes. While there is some debate surrounding the use of absorbent pants – there really is little evidence to show that these either prolong or speed up the process. If he experiences at least two consecutive weeks without wetting then try removing them again. You can help your son by making sure he drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Good drinking patterns will help his bladder to learn to store more urine and reduce the risk of bedwetting. Do not restrict drinks in the evening and make sure he empties her bladder just before going to sleep. Don’t allow him to become overtired, as this will make it even more difficult to respond to a full bladder. Make sure that he feels comfortable getting up through the night – sometimes a nightlight adds to children’s comfort and confidence. All the best! Regards, Dr Cathrine