Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

Hi Nilmini, it is quite possible that this is behavioural in response to your explanation of why it is important to go to the toilet. Young children can be very literal in their interpretation of information – she may be thinking if you don’t wee you get sick, which would explain the sudden increase in urination. Increased frequency in urination can sometimes be an indication of a urinary tract infection so it would be worthwhile having her checked by your GP just to rule this out as a possible cause. When at school teachers try to encourage children to go to the toilet during recess or lunchtime, this reduces the number of times children leave the classroom unsupervised, it also can become quite disruptive if children are constantly coming in and out of the classroom. However given your daughters obvious distress I would recommend having a chat with her teacher to better explain the situation. You also might want to remind her to go during lunch and recess breaks. All the best. Regards, Dr Cathrine