I don't know what to do.

My daughter didn't start bedwetting until she started the 5th Grade. I think she was very nervous or something because she suddenly started wetting the bed every night. She would wet 1 or 2 times but me and my husband started getting very annoyed with the constant sheet changes. I really didn't know what to do so I took her to a doctor. He said it was very normal for kids her age to wet the bed. He told us to try Drynites. At first she was extremely embarrassed about 'nappies' but I told her they weren't nappies, just night-time panties. Now she always wears them but her brother and sister don't know and she is really upset and can't accept the constant sleepover invitations. The Drynites are working but I'm always scared I'll ses one of her friend's parents when I'm buying her Drynites and I also want her not to be in nappies for the rest of her life. We go through stages where we don't use the Drynites but she always wets the bed and has to put on a Drynites, which she gets really mad at herself about.