My daughter (7) had kidney failure last year and was rushed to hospital. We picked a local doctor for her appointments when she was finally let out of hospital to see a renal specialist. When we saw him in February he talked about hypnosis for bed wetting. So when we saw him again last week i asked him about hypnotheraphy. That week i booked my daughter in to see the renal specialist and he did some hypnotheraphy on her. After the first visit she woke up dry!!!! First time ever. Then the second visit hmm not as good. But we have had a few dry nights that we have never had. Unfortunately we had to go home, he put a recording on her i pod but unfortunately she hit the wrong button and deleted it, so we are going to head down again soon for another session. I was amazed how it could work, It boosted her self esteem at the thought she could do it. He said its all about training the brain to tell your kidneys to stop producing wee, and tell the bladder not to feel so full and for the 'tap' to stay closed!! Two times is better than anything i ever expected!! i am a happy mum for my daughter being happy :) I think it should be looked in to more....for sure!