My 9 year old has a bedwetting problem.

My son is 9 years old. He will be 10 in May/2012. He has wet the bed almost every night since birth. He has no developmental issues, no learning disabilities as he is a typical, bright and precocious young boy. I have just been hoping he outgrows it and letting him sleep in what we call "night pants" (disposable diapers for larger we try NOT to say diapers) to help from ruining his bedding. In the mornings, this "night pant" is soaked and very heavy with urine. A lot of times it is so soaked that his bed is still very wet when he awakes. I do not want him to get so comfortable with this condition that it feels normal to him. I will NOT let him sleepover anywhere unless I'm there to see that he puts his night pants on in privacy so he won't be ridiculed or is asked about it. He is self conscious about it now, but the fact that I don't let him stay overnight at others homes where he runs the risk of letting someone or other children see him putting on or removing his night pants, is hampering progress. We have an appointment with his pediatrician this weekend to sit down and talk with her about steps we can take to help him. I am worried about him entering his teenager years with bedwetting issues.