Wasn't what they thought

When I was a young child I used to wet the bed every night, I was on tablets but when they didn't work we tried a bladder exercise, nothing to drink after 6 pm, and must go to the toilet before bed - But nothing ever seemed to work. I started to grow out of it when I got to the age of 14 but up until then I never liked going and staying at my friends house. They always had to stay at my house so I could clean my bed before they would wake up. Then my life changed when I was 15. I got told i was a type 1 Diabetic. All the doctors think I have been a diabetic since I was a baby cause bed wetting is one of the main problems with juvenile diabetes. Ever since they told me i was a diabetic and started to get treatment the bed wetting has stopped! Some girls found out when i was in high shcool and teased me about it. School got that bad i wanted to change schools but i stuck it out and stayed there a couple of weeks later they got over it and left me alone.