Don't be afraid to seek professional help

My daughter is nearly 6 and has never been dry, night or day. I went to a seminar by the incontinence advice council and learned so much. I was advised to speak to a pediatrician and get her dry during the day before we tackled the nights. Within two weeks of speaking to the pediatrician my daughter got a UTI and spent 2 nights in hospital. She was very sick and this scared me and made me realise that we need to manage her problem better. So we went on to use DryNites at night to build her confidence and lots of pelvic floor exercises during the day to help her stay dry. She is also on Ditrapan to help stablise her bladder. This has been the toughest roller coaster for me, as I have a 1 year old and FIFO husband. So if your child is over 3 and wet during the day, do seek professional help.