Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hey, my son has a bedwetting problem and usually needs to do a number 2 and he is scared that if he does the Drynite wont handle it because some years ago he couldn't control he bowel so I am just wondering if the Drynites can handle poop?

While DryNites could certainly hold faeces overnight, this is not ideal as he is likely to develop related skin irritations from having the faeces next to his skin for extended periods. In order to manage the situation more effectively we really need to try and identify why he is having bowel motions at night. Leakage of faecal matter is also an indication of encopresis. A common cause of encopresis is constipation, so the first thing you need to do is make an appointment for your son to see his GP. If he is constipated the doctor may need to perform an enema in order to remove the impacted stool. Your doctor will also discuss with you ways to help prevent further complications associated with chronic constipation which may involve increasing the amount of fluid your son drinks, and introducing a diet high in fibre. Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine