Dr Catherine
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2-4 years

Hello, My son who is 3.5 has been leaking in his nappy over night for almost the last 6 months. It’s at the stage where it’s every second night, sometimes every night. He is toilet trained in the day and has been for 12 months. I have tried- Regular day time toileting (2 hourly) Limiting fluids in the evening Putting a pad inside the nappy Taking him to the toilet/changing his nappy before I go to bed (waking him). However his happy is usually dry at this time. NOTHING is working! I’m really struggling with he 5am wake ups for both of us to change his sheets and pjs! Any advice please!!?!?

The first thing to check is that his nappy is fitting correctly as improper fit can contribute to leakage, and while putting a pad inside seems logical in terms of added absorbency this may contribute to the improper fit. I would recommend using DryNites rather than nappies - they offer great absorbency and my prevent leakage. You can request a free sample off the website. You can try and reduce his urine output by limiting the amount of dairy- or citrus-based drinks he has in the evenings as these are known to stimulate the kidneys. If you were at all concerned about the amount of urine he is producing I would certainly recommend you consult with your GP. Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine