Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My just turned 8yo is still wearing nappies to bed as he just doesn't wake up to go to the toilet. It's starting to cause him to be embarrassed and stressed about it. He really wants to stop wetting at night. What can we do to help him

Once bedwetting starts to cause emotional distress or embarrassment it is time to seek out treatment options. If you have not done so already can I recommend you take your son to see your GP - if they are not experienced at treating children's incontinence as to be referred a continence specialist. In the meantime you can talk to you son about different behavioural approaches that might help (like drinking more during the day, holding on for longer periods of time, reducing the amount of caffeinated drinks consumed). It is important to help your son feel in control of the situation – bedwetting often results in feelings of helplessness, lowered self-esteem and a lack of control. Make sure you give him lots of support and encouragement and until the wetting stops. Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine