Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I am a single man age 35. I started having bad dreams when I was 16. When I was married they seemed to stop but I would still have nights of deep sleep and a small Leakage of urine. Now since I turned 33 I have had full release and not even woken up til long after. What is that about? Do I need to wear something or take a supplement? It’s like once I fall asleep (after brutal long days) I am dead to the world.

Secondary bedwetting appears to have two main causes: physical and psychological. Physical or medical causes can include such things as diabetes, urinary tract infections or chronic constipation so its important that you consult a medical professional to rule these out first. The majority of secondary bedwetting results from emotional problems or psychological stress, which to me seems more consistent with your description. Typically the management of secondary nocturnal enuresis involves addressing the underlying cause. When there are significant emotional or social stressors associated with secondary bedwetting, then attention to these issues should take priority over the different treatments for bedwetting. If there are no apparent ongoing psychological issues then the treatment options are the same as those recommend for primary bedwetting (i.e., a conditioning alarm). In the meantime it is perfectly fine to use absorbent products to reduce the workload of dealing with wet sheets Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine