Dr Catherine
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2-4 years

Dear Di, Children’s overnight urine output can be quite variable – parents of children who seem to pass a lot of urine overnight sometimes find it easier to change their child’s nappy just before they retire for the evening. Check that her nappy is fitting correctly as improper fit can contribute to leakage. From personal experience I found Huggies to be the most absorbent on the market and while I did experience the occasional leakage this was usually a good indicator that my children were ready to progress to the next size. I also found that I needed to upgrade before they reached the upper weight limit listed on the pack.You could also look at putting a plastic overpant over the top of her nappy to try and prevent urine escaping. You can try and reduce her urine output by limiting the amount of sugar, dairy- or citrus-based drinks she has as these are known to stimulate the kidneys. If she continues to wet through her nappies I would certainly recommend you consult with your GP, just to rule out any possible medical cause. Regards, Dr Cathrine