Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi I have 14 year old boy who wet the bed. I think I he does it on purpose as I check his pull-ups before I wake him and it dry. But there is alway a wet pull-up on his floor when he leaves. I think he like wearing them I have seen him wear a soaked pull-up during the day what should I’d do

It is very unusual for a child or teenager to deliberately wet the bed. If your son is in fact only wetting his DryNites after he wakes then the focus needs to be placed less on his wetting and more on the reasons for him doing it. I'm wondering whether you have sat down and discussed the situation with your son? Deliberate wetting can be a matter of control – perhaps he is he going through a difficult or challenging time? Find a time to talk to your son and find out if anything is bothering him. Talk about the many benefits of being dry, like having sleepovers with friends. Have you tried putting him to bed without his DryNites? If his wetting is in fact conscious then you may find that he is less inclined to do this without having his DryNites on as a safety net. If he continues to wet and you are certain that this is only occurring when he is awake, then I would recommend that you consult with a child psychologist who can look more closely at the possible causes of this behaviour. Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine