Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My son has been wetting the bed for about two years now. We have seen doctors and they told us to Try put drynites and they have worked awesome but he cannot control his bladder day/night. If you can give me some advice on what to do about the muchly appreciated . If you could give me some drynites 8-15 years(27-57kg) that would also help out and be muchly appreciated. Kind regards Rebecca

If you are interested in exploring treatment options your doctor will probably recommend you start with a conditioning alarm, as this seems to have the best success rates. A sensor is placed inside his DryNites setting off an alarm when the urine hits it – the alarm is designed to wake him up, letting him know that he needs to get up and go to the toilet. If your son is a sound sleeper he will probably need you to respond to the alarm first then wake him so that they can turn it off. The time it takes for children to stay dry varies from child to child and relapses are common so patience is the key to success. You can request free samples of DryNites directly off the website. Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine