Dr Catherine
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2-4 years

I'm just wondering what the difference is to wearing a nappy to bed as opposed to a dry night one to bed? If the dry nite is fully absorbent anyway, why would you not just put a nappy on Especially from a cost perspective

With respect to absorbency you will find the nappy offers the same kind of protection as DryNites so in that sense it is perfectly fine to use either one. DryNites were developed for children who need protection at night but do not want to wear a nappy - which is why they have been designed to look more like underpants than a nappy. Research shows that the psychological impact of bedwetting is far greater than the physical impact so DryNites are around boosting children's self-esteem and giving them some independence, and reducing parental frustration which can affect our approach to parenting. In saying this - if your child is not at all bothered by wearing the nappy option, and they continue to provide an adequate fit and good absorbency then it is perfectly fine to go with this option!All the best,