Absorbent Bedwetting Pants


Absorbent pants are the perfect stepping stone on your child’s journey to dry nights. While absorbent pants are not a treatment for bedwetting, they can be a great management tool to support your child to be happy, confident and enjoying a good night’s sleep while their body naturally develops out of their bedwetting phase.

There are a range of different types of absorbent pants on the market. The thing that they all have in common is that they are all designed to be discreet and look just like regular underwear – which is especially important when it comes to school camps or sleepovers.

We’ll step you through the pros and cons of each product, so that you can make the right choice of absorbent pants for your child.

Do absorbent products enable or prolong bedwetting?

There has been some debate about the use of absorbent pants, It is important to remember that DryNites® night time pants are a form of management not treatment. Unlike toilet training, which is conscious and deliberate, nighttime bladder control is more dependent on maturation of children’s nervous systems and bladder. The fact that the wetting occurs when children are asleep makes it that more difficult to control. DryNites® are not treatment but they are designed to minimize stress and ensure children come out of the bedwetting phase feeling positive about themselves.

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Disposable absorbent pants

Disposable absorbent pants like DryNites® Night Time Pants will often be your first port of call on your bedwetting journey. They are available for kids aged as young as 2 all the way up to 15 years old. Disposable absorbent pants for bedwetting are also available for the late teenage years and throughout adulthood. The advantage of disposable absorbent pants is that they are specially designed to store large amounts of urine. While most washable absorbent pants will only be able to absorb 150ml – 500ml of liquid (with extra absorbency added), disposable absorbent pants can store 1100ml – 1170ml of urine, keeping even the heaviest of bedwetters feeling dry until the morning.

Because they are designed for one time use, disposable absorbent pants will lighten the laundry load and are perfect for school camps or sleepovers, where they can be discreetly disposed of without a fuss, instead of needing to take home wet underwear and PJs. Disposable absorbent pants like DryNites® maybe all you’ll need while your child’s body naturally develops the ability to remain dry at night on their own. They make for a good night’s sleep, which every growing kid (and their parent) will be thankful for.


Washable absorbent pants

Washable absorbent underwear can offer a smooth transition out of bedwetting for children who are almost at the end of their bedwetting journey.

The advantages of washable absorbent pants are that they are reusable and are specially designed to look just like regular underwear. Most products are only designed for minimal bedwetting however, with an absorbency capacity of 150ml – 250ml of urine. While this can usually be increased by inserting additional absorbent pads, most washable absorbent pants will only have the capacity of storing around 500ml of liquid. This makes them good for the occasional bedwetting incident, but they won’t provide the same level of support as disposable products that can absorb 1100 ml – 1170 ml of urine.

Most washable absorbent pants range from around $20 – $50 a pair.

One thing to look out for: washable absorbent pants often come with a waterproof area that absorbs the moisture required to trigger bedwetting alarms. If you are using a bedwetting alarm as part of your child’s enuresis treatment, make sure that your choice of bedwetting underwear will work with the alarm before purchasing.


Washable absorbent pyjamas

Another option that you can explore is a unique Swedish design of bedwetting pyjama pants and shorts for children and adults.

Made from a combination of soft tencil, breathable waterproof membrane and super absorbent materials, these comfortable and snug pyjama pants can contain up to a litre of liquid without soaking through or showing a wet patch on the outside. This means there is no need for changing sheets or bed linen, as the urine will be contained within the fabric of the pants. Your child will still be able to recognise when they have wet the bed, as these pyjama pants are designed to contain the moisture but do not remove the feeling of wetness altogether.

Like all absorbent pants, these products don’t cure bedwetting, but are designed to support with your chosen bedwetting management or treatment plan.

Washable absorbent pyjama pants aren’t currently stocked in Australia, but are available to order online from international stockists. Prices start at around $90 AUD a pair before shipping.

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DryNites® Night Time Pants are a discreet, comfortable and absorbent form of bedtime protection.

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